Maz Makes  …….  a start

Welcome to the very first blog on my new site!

Maz Makes tells the story of how crafts and crafting bring me special happiness and satisfaction (often made that much sweeter by overcoming the odd frustration and mishap along the way).   I’m hoping that by blogging about the things I make and the many people I meet who also love crafts and crafting, you will be encouraged and inspired to either begin, or carry on your own crafting  journey.  I am also hoping that readers will share their own experiences, ideas and any tips that might improve the process and the results for all of us .

I am convinced that as we create something, anything, we ourselves grow and with that our appreciation and respect for the efforts of others – and surely that can’t be a bad thing!

In getting this site set up I have begun learning the craft of blogging and I’m hoping you are quickly going to see a big improvement!  At this stage all I can say is that while I’m seldom short of things to say (or write) when it comes to things ‘crafty’, discovering how to set up a site like this has been a new ball game for me.  It has reminded me of how quickly we forget how difficult it can be to start learning something from scratch!  I hope that anyone starting out on a new craft featured in blogs to come will always be able to find the respond button to ask questions if the ‘how to’s’ aren’t clear or take skills or experience for granted!

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