Last Minute Halloween Makes

File 30-10-2017, 01 52 06 - Copy - Copy
Ready for the door bell ro ring!
File 30-10-2017, 01 55 17
Scan n Cut – pure joy!

Need to get something a little different  for when the door bell rings tomorrow evening?

All you need is:

some orange green and black card;

scissors,  or if you have a scan n cut even better;

paper for rough sketch;

other stff card for template;

glue and glue gun and a bags of lollipops!



Draw a rough sketch of a pumpkin (squarish cirlcle with a stalk on top)

File 30-10-2017, 01 56 41

Fold your card for the template in half and draw your design onto it with the base of the square ending on the fold.

While still folded cut out your template so that when opened you have a mirror image of the pumpkin attached giving you a front and back.  See photo above

On the back draw a circle slightly smaller than the size of head of the lollipop and a smaller circle on the joining fold for the stick of the lollipop to go through.

Cut out these circles using your scissors or craft knife.

Using this template cut out a pumpkin cover for each lollipop.


File 30-10-2017, 01 58 20


From the black card cut some triangles for eyes and a jaged semi-circle for the mouths.

Frome the green card cut some green stalk.

Stick on the mouths, eyes and stalks with glue – I used a glue gun as it was handy

Add a bit of extra decoration with coloured pencils, pens ow whatever takes your fancy.

File 30-10-2017, 01 52 37

Insert a lollipop into the small hole of each cover and stick shut with strong glue (glue gun worked well);

And there you go pop them onto a tray with a selection of other treats and you are ready for that knock on the door!

Happy Halloween!





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