Maz Makes has a new love in her life!

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Maz Makes ….. Valentines Day Gifts

Spreading the love   Married as I am to someone who has steadfastly refused ‘to get sucked into all this commercial nonsense’, Valentine’s Day has long been a bitter sweet day for me. It can easily leave you feeling ‘left out’ – often for no real reason at all  but ‘left out’ all the same!… Continue reading Maz Makes ….. Valentines Day Gifts

Christmas Pebbles

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Craft in Middle of the Desert Yesterday we travelled through a dry, desolate part of South Africa’s Northern Cape. When not touched by the life giving waters of the Orange River and the many canals that flow from it, the countryside of this region almost instantaneously reverts to desert. Seen from the comfort of our… Continue reading

Last Minute Halloween Makes

Scan n Cut - pure joy!Need to get something a little different  for when the door bell rings tomorrow evening? All you need is: some orange green and black card; scissors,  or if you have a scan n cut even better; paper for rough sketch; other stff card for template; glue and glue gun and… Continue reading Last Minute Halloween Makes

Today is the day!

I can't believe the time has finally come - the first of my fortnightly blogs for Create and Craft has been published!!! Click HERE to read it AND This site is now open for regular blogs                                        … Continue reading Today is the day!